The word Reiki is Japanese in origin and means Universal or spiritually guided life force energy. Some reasons to receive a Reiki treatment are to raise the vibration of your energy field, Chakras, internal organs, facia, tissues, emotions and to promote mental clarity and relaxation. Healing in the context of a Reiki session is allowing your mind, body, and spirit to recalibrate to a harmonious resonance. Receiving a Reiki treatment can be done in person or over the phone as a distance session. The benefits of Reiki are vast and varied. Each person and each session are unique, one crucial aspect of Reiki is that it can do no harm and that the Reiki energy will respect each persons boundaries, the client has sovereignty over what the Reiki can do and if it is to be accepted. Reiki can flow to the client in a variety of ways. Some of the techniques I use when I'm conducting an in-person session include physically laying hands on various areas of the body, having my hands close to the body working in the auric field and flowing Reiki to multiple areas at once by also using my eyes to allow the Reiki to flow. When conducting a distance session, I am usually on the phone with the client. However, Reiki can be sent and received without the need this type of interaction.

I received my first Usui Reiki attunement from Karen Harrison in 2012 and received my Holy Fire Reiki Master ignition from William Lee Rand in 2014. I have also been attuned to Karuna Reiki®  with Karen Harrison and then to Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki in 2016. I have been a Professional member of the Reiki Membership association throught the International Center for Reiki Training since 2014.

As a Master level Reiki practitioner I lead classes to attune (now called ignitions) students to receive Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki levels 1,2, advanced and Master level as well as Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki®  . Once you have received the Reiki energy, you can give yourself and others Reiki. A Master level Reiki attunement or Ignition is required to channel the energy to others so that they may also use the energy.